Community Group

The Churches situated in Central Peterborough have continual contact with the more vulnerable members of our community. The Community Group sets out to work with statutory and voluntary agencies to support the work they do with the vulnerable and ascertain what assistance the churches can offer in this work. In this way assitance can be given to try and solve the long-term underlying issues rather than providing a quick fix in terms, of say, money and/or food.

Recent work has been in connection with homelessness, drug abuse and prostitution.

In order that member churches can respond practically and sympathetically, the Group has provided each church with a folder entitled Help in the Community. This lists problems that callers at the churches face, and gives details of the organistaions that can assist. The idea here is that the church person dealing with the caller can either telephone the organisation or, as most are situated in the City Centre, take the person to their office and introduce them. In this way the caller is very much treated as an individual and not just a perosn with a problem.

The group is chaired by Reg Tomblin.  Messages for the group can be sent using the Contact Us page.


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