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Our Eco-Faith Network promotes environmental awareness and environmentally best practice within our churches, and links with and supports environmental action groups in the city.  The secretary of the group is Rev Prof Paul Ballard.

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At our latest meeting on July 11th 2017 in the Friends Meeting House the theme was Greening the Church.

At this meeting it was good to have with us visitors from St Ives Free Church, from St. Paul’s, New England, and, from Cambridge, Clare Redfern, who is the Bishop of Ely’s co-ordinator for the environment and editor of Green Christian.

The programme was full but informative and challenging.

  1. We were reminded that it is possible to make good use of open spaces to help wildlife, whether through wild flower meadows/plots or by planting insect attracting plants in formal gardens. Local examples were mentioned, including the emerging use of the site at St. Paul’s. John Davis told the story of the wild flower plot at St. Botoloph’s, Longthorpe, underlining the importance of proper preparation and maintenance.
  2. Possible adaptations of buildings in relation to heating included solar panels, ground thermal heating and air thermal heating. Dorothy Ball described the refurbishment of the Meeting House, from radical insulation to the eco-friendly kitchen, together with reference to the quiet garden, setting it all in the context of the national Society of Friends’ policy to address environmental concerns. 
  3. Clare Redfern, in the absence of Chris Brown who was ill, presented the journey of St Paul’s, Cambridge, in becoming an Eco-church under the national scheme. This was supplemented from the experience of St. Ives FC.

The evening ended with tea and cake and an opportunity to see the garden. Our thanks to Dorothy and the Friends for their hospitality.


Our attention is drawn to the following opportunity:

Saturday, 18 November; 10.00-4.00.    A Green Christian Day.

                The Big Workshop: the Launch of the ‘Joy in Enough’ Campaign.

                Join this Green Christian initiative to try to widen the debate about a sustainable world economy.

                This is an open day for anyone interested but places are limited.

                To book and for information:





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